Santa's   Workshop

Santa's Leadership Secrets

Learn Santa's Proven Leadership Truths

Follow along as the jolly old elf explains what he has learned from years of running his North Pole workshop.  Learn how he gets the most from everyone on the team and pulls off his amazing yearly feat without fail.

1. Build a Wonderful Workshop

5. Get Beyond the Red Wagons
Make the mission the main thing
Techniques to deal with change
2. Choose Your Reindeer Wisely
6. Share The Milk and Cookies
Strategies to select and promote the best and brightest
Do Right by those that Do Right

3. Make A List and Check It Twice
7. Find Out Who’s Naughty and Nice
Plan your work and work your plan

How to deal with your super stars, falling stars, and the majority in the middle
4. Listen To The Elves
8. Be Good For Goodness Sake
Pay attention to how others perceive you Strategies to build an ethical and high integrity workplace

There is nobody better to teach your organization these truths.  Santa has been a professional trainer and leadership consultant for over 10 years.  He has taught leaders all across America how to be more effective in the daily tasks of leading. 






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Authors aka "Santa's Helpers" Eric Harvey, David Cottrell, and Al Lucia
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